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Online RN to BSN Curriculum and Course Descriptions

The online RN-to-Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program from Saint Peter's is designed to provide working nurses the very latest knowledge culled from  experts in the field, which can be applied in a variety of professional settings. 

The RN-BSN requires the successful completion of 31 nursing credits. Up to 36 credit hours of general education courses may be required depending on students' educational background.

Each course is designed to provide students with the ideal education to pursue nurse leadership and provide optimal patient care. Upon completion of the online RN-BSN program, students will be able to:

  1. Synthesize knowledge from nursing, physical and behavioral sciences, communication, and the humanities in implementing the nursing process from a holistic, caring framework.
  2. Assume a leadership role to effect change and promote safe, quality standards of nursing practice.
  3. Integrate elements of the research process, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based findings to nursing practice.
  4. Utilize a range of information systems that support safe, quality patient care.
  5. Integrate knowledge of healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory healthcare systems in their role as patient advocate.
  6. Collaborate effectively with peer and colleagues on the interdisciplinary healthcare team and clients to promote safe, optimal patient care.
  7. Employ knowledge of health promotion, disease and injury prevention, and disaster management directed at individuals, families, communities and populations.
  8. Develop a philosophy of nursing by demonstrating a commitment to lifelong personal and professional learning, growth, service to others, and social justice.
  9. Incorporate ethical principles and cultural competence in providing safe care for patients across the health-illness continuum in a variety of settings throughout the lifespan.


NU 302: Seminar in Professional Nursing (2 credits)
The course is designed to examine the evolution of professional nursing through a synthesis of the social, cultural, philosophical, historical and theoretical influences. The development of a professional identity is facilitated by encouraging students to derive meaning from the core values central to the nature of nursing.

NU 303: APA Writing Style for the Health Sciences (1 credit)
This elective course is designed to assist the student in the scholarly preparation of papers using APA writing style. Proper citing and referencing of sources is emphasized. Students will practice skills that will assist them in writing papers using APA style of writing. Congruent with the nursing professional standards in scientific writing, APA style is utilized throughout the nursing courses as the expected style for all papers. This course will help students to hone their skills.

NU 304: Pathophysiology (3 credits)
The way people respond to health and illness is the focus of this course. Using a systematic approach, physiological processes and pathological changes are explored in depth with a focus on common patterns of human behavior response.

NU 310: Health Assessment Across the Life Span (4 credits)
This course explores the health appraisal of individuals from birth to death. With a focus on health promotion, risk identification and patient education, nursing processes are discussed and evaluated with an emphasis on planning and holistic care.

NU 330: Care of Families and Aggregates (4 credits)
Health promotion and disease prevention within different social systems is the focus of this course. Creative application of nursing practices is explored for treatment of families or other large groups. Family systems theory and group dynamics are studied to aid nurses in these settings.

NU 350: Contemporary Trends and Issues in Nursing (2 credits)
Students will study current political, economic and social trends affecting nursing and the health care system. Emerging issues in professional practice and education are explored to help evaluate the current state of professional nursing in the United States.

NU 390: Introduction to Nursing Research (3 credits)
This course improves understanding of research processes and emphasizes the proper critique of research studies. The relevance of nursing research as it applies to patient care is also discussed. Through an interactive process with faculty and peers, students will develop a researchable problem that can be the basis of further study.

NU 420: Community Health Nursing (4 credits)
This course emphasizes the community as the patient. Nursing care of individuals in community settings is combined with theories and processes for treating large groups, aggregates and the community as a whole.

NU 440: Leadership and Management in Nursing (4 credits)
This course focuses on the skills and strategies needed to promote change in the health care delivery system. With the nursing process as a framework, students will prepare a change project proposal in a selected clinical agency. This course lays the foundation for success in management and leadership positions in nursing.

NU 452: Women’s Health Issues (3 credits)
This course explores a variety of health issues affecting women from a historical, political and pluralistic perspective. The role of nurses as health care advocates for women is emphasized and different strategies for action are evaluated.

NU 495: Special Projects in Nursing (1 credit)
This course is a one credit elective in which students may choose a topic of interest and complete a scholarly paper guided by faculty. Students may choose to expand upon a topic they have already been exposed to or develop a new topic of interest. The student will document progress on the project through weekly submissions corresponding to specific content required for the summative learning outcome of the course, the final scholarly paper.

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